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Newest Dogecoin pool with super low fees: .01%

8th joining member gets all the fees paid to their wallet after first block is found. 

Happy Mining!


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     Get your feet wet!

I have been asked how do you start mining Dogecoin many times. If you purchase hours on one of my moonlanders I will walk you through the process and get you set up for the bigger and better mining rigs. These little rigs are local so I have complete control over them. I also have other rigs available for rent, they can be discussed after the moonlander2 is a success!

  Happy Mining!

How many hours?
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Make your own paper wallet


Before I continue , the information that I share is my opinion and I do not assume any responsibility of any lost coins or any stolen information. Please do your own research as this is just a guide that i have followed and I feel safe having my coins in a paper wallet.

I have placed a link at the bottom of this article which will take you directly to From there You will have to disconnect from the internet (I suggest unplugging your router or you can simply turn off wifi or pull cord.)

Now you can move your mouse around like a mad person and a public and private key will be generated, There will also be a fancy paper you can print if you would like. You can create as many wallets as you would like just make sure you are disconnected from the internet. As walletgenerators site suggests , using a ubuntu live cd is the safest way to get rid of all your history and temp files stored on your device. You can simply destroy the 5 dollar usb stick you used. I use a safe browser and feel good about deleting all my history,cookies, and temp files stored in last hour while still disconnected from the internet.

Now that you have your keys you can write them down or print your fancy little wallet on paper. Again, when printing your paper wallet make sure that you are disconnected from the internet, I connected to my printer with a cord, printed the paper wallet than erased history and cache on my printer. (You could also smash it to bits with a baseball bat then burn it... joking... maybe.)

Now you should have a piece of paper that you can send your first Dogecoins to. You could trade some of your dollars here on by simply using your paypal account. There is also a converter with up to date prices which you can type in 20 usd and it will tell you how much Dogecoin you will recieve if you purchase 20 usd worth. You will receive that amount less 15% (paypal has fees). The time of your purchase will be the deciding factor of how many coins you will receive, please take a screen shot before and after clicking Buy Now with the converter on screen and also the time for your reference. Leave us a message on paypal checkout with your PUBLIC key that you wrote down or printed from the earlier steps.

Now, after all that you will wait until the transaction has gone through and you can check your Dogecoin wallet balance by going to and typing your PUBLIC key in the search bar.

That's it, you now have Dogecoin.

DO NOT share your PRIVATE keys with anyone

You MUST store your paper wallet safely (there is plenty of interesting ways to disguise your paper wallets with a simple internet search.)

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, we would be happy to help.



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You can finally buy dogecoin here!!

$20 usd worth of  Doge per order.

Use your Paypal account and leave your Dogecoin wallet number

as a message.

Leave a comment if you have any questions

Or start a chat.


If you need help creating a wallet please leave a comment. We would love to help

Please take a screenshot before and after clicking the Buy Now button for reference, Make sure to type $20 in the usd box in the converter which mus be visible in the screenshot, time also must be visible in the screenshot.


               $20 usd